Sunday, December 2

Atlanta Thanksgiving

The Cagle family all met in Atlanta for Thanksgiving.  The Nashville crowd travelled south and the FL crowd came north and had a blast in Cumming, GA with Uncle Scott and Aunt Kristy. :)

We went to Monkey Joe's with the kids when the boys played golf.

 We spent some fun times with the neighbors across the street, Alli and Tracy. This is their turtle, Zimbabwe. :)

 Fun rides with Papa. :)

 We took family pics of the Blake Joneses one morning.  Julie did not give up...and it paid off!  Daniel helped making Emery smile.  Phew!  (It did result in a great Christmas card pic.)

 Nanny brought these for the kids and they were a hit!  How does Nanny always know?
 Thanksgiving food...we did order it from Biscuit Barn (is that it?) and it was DE-LISH.

 Nanny and Lucy

 Below is a shot of Uncle Scott's playhouse (under the ping pong table in the garage).  The (not so) secret password was "Oh yeah!!" ;)
 We played Mexican train dominos one night. :)
 How sweet is this baby girl!!!
 Kristy's wreath she made!  Cute!
 Golf day

 Rip stick fun!

 We took a little hike up Mt Sawnee (?...I think) and it was so fun!!!  Dad pretty much got the little ones up the mountain.  THANKS DAD.  The view was amazing!

 Scottie's house

 Uncle Blake trying the rip stick was HYSTERICAL.  More funny than that??  Aunt Julie laughing at him AND trying to help him. :)

 Kristy's turn!

 Ping pong one night...


 Shopping fun!

 Loaded questions game night...

 We tried to FaceTime Blake (he had to go back to work in Nashville) wasn't working too well but he was being too funny while we tried! HA!
 Look FALL! :)  Did you know I love fall? :)

We had a blast with the family in Atlanta.  Thanks Scottie and Kristy for having us. :)

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