Wednesday, December 19

Christmas: RTR, Cookies and Parties

So here is my little tree (it's live) that I get every year.  I normally only put Bama ornaments on it.  This year it also had all my favorite yet breakable ornaments added to it.  My Nanny gives us an ornament a year and since Daisy was little I was nervous to put them up!  So now it's my "favorites" tree. :)

And it wouldn't be December without an SEC Championship. :) ROLL TIDE.

  Just for posterity sake...this is what I look like most days.

Cookie making fun.  I actually attempted to roll them out like a fun mama...but it was NOT working out.  We had to settle for decorating circles (no shapes).

Colbie's Busy Bee Class Party

I helped plan Isaac's Christmas party.  We made jello jigglers and cut out little shapes!

What?  You've never heard of SantaSpidy? :)
Coco being silly in our back kitchen. :)

Daniel and I heading to the MCDA Christmas party

Fun Chapel at St Pauls :)  Ms Kelly and Ms Alli
We made jigglers...and the other mama made these... LOL


Ms Alli's Owls

Look at my sisters CUTE pic on her Christmas card!!! :)
And this was so funny cause it's so true!! ;)

Look at E CLAY-ers school pic.  That is some serious cuteness!

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