Sunday, December 30


Our CCC small group made these bags so that we could give to people who are asking for money.  We made them as a group and then each have some in our car to hand out.  It was cool for the kids to be involved in it too. :)

 Candle number one on it's way down...

 Saw this somewhere around Ocala...I had to text a pic of it to the Pells and Tolers. :)  We were not falling for THAT again. :)

This was the exact total that MOPS raised for the Give a Goat project!!!  WE. WERE. SO. IMPRESSED!  We did give a little more and round the number to $1000.  We had enough to give 22 families goats. :)

 SOCK HOP!  Janae and Daisy
 Ryan Gorman representing us at the Sock Hop. :)
 It was Western themed.  Ain't she cute?

 This was one night when we went out to see Christmas lights in our pjs and dessert.  

 Marion Counties finest! :)

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