Saturday, December 8

Happy Birthday to Alli!!! (and to me cause I had just as much fun!)

So this year I have felt the most sympathy for holiday time birthdays.  It just stinks!  There is SO much going on during the holidays.  It would be so much more fun another time of year when it wasn't in the fun cloud of all things Christmas. SO SORRY y'all.  For those of you still bearing children...keep this in mind when you are getting pregnant, ok?  :)  jk  But really, it's a bummer.  And January?  That bday isn't crowded out but no one wants desserts, everyone is broke and tired.  And for Daisy, what could she possibly want one month after Christmas???  Not much.  :)

Anywho...Alli's bday is in Dec. :)  And she is 29 and lovin' life. HA.  That statement is only partly true. :)  For her bday we left early on a Saturday morning for a day of shopping (during christmas which makes it more fun to me) in Orlando and then a night hotel.  Giddy does not begin to describe us as we stopped at ChickFilA (obviously) on the way out of town.  

 We asked Siri to find us a Target (after I had missed our exit for one I knew).  And she took us to this mecca of happiness.  Ladies...brace yourselves.  It was apartments and condos built on top of a TJ Maxx, Target, and Crate and Barrell...and other fun things like a yogurt place, nail place, massage place... WHO CAN MAKE RENT WHEN YOU LIVE THERE??  Temptation Island is more like it. We parked in the Target PARKING DECK.  Yup.  Insane.  We had to go there first cause in our excitement we pulled into Orlando at 8:30 am. ;)

 I had to post this cause my sister was there in Spirit and in picture texting leading us thru dress selection and accessorizing for a Christmas party.  She got maybe 15 of these kinda texts.  HA!  And many of shoes and such...and she would reply with pics herself of ideas of things we needed to look for.  THANKS JULES!

 We went and browsed Target w Starbucks, then to TJ Maxx where we got our dresses, and then across the street for our pedicures.  We had completed several of our main goals by like 11:30 am!!  WOO HOO.  When we got out pedi's we had worn in closed toe shoes...and they were out of those disposable flip flops.  So we walked to the car barefooted...bummer.
 Chipotle for lunch!  (which we are getting one in Ocala soon!)
 We went to the outlet mall on International.  It was PACKED.  We surely did valet!  It was worth every penny of the $10 for the 45 mins we saved of scouting out out a parking spot.  We went from there to find our hotel, checked out my old stomping grounds (Dr Phillips) and then off to the Mall of Millennia.

 We shopped for a while at this mall.  It's a SUPER high end mall.  I had merely heard of the names of these designers stores much less purchased from them!  We were a little out of our element.  But it was super fun.

 Yes, I did Instagram the hotel room.  Why?  Not sure...but I did.  SO here it is. :)

 I begged her to not let me buy any stripes...this is my closet.  Sheesh! I wasn't successful.

Alli and I sent this to Julie to see if this would pass for the Christmas party... :)

We had a blast!  Thanks for taking me along Alli!!  Can't wait for next year!

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