Friday, December 14

Isaac's Christmas Program

St Pauls's does a cute Christmas program each year.  I actually attended last years to watch Emma Deaner...and it was adorable. :)  They have certain ways they do this program and I think it's GENIUS.  One--the 2 year old classes do not perform.'s really a lost cause with little ones so little. Even though they are cute they are ticking time bombs that have no place on a stage.  HA.  Two--thre 3 year olds sing at 6:00 pm AND THEN 4 year olds at 6:45pm.  SO SMART.  I have mentioned the Parent Papparazzi before on this blog.  If you have not been privy to a run in with that mob I warn's eye for an eye!  Each parent is out to get documentation of the cuteness that performs in front of them...and if you are in the back or behind a large headed are outta luck...SUCKAS!!  So this solves the battling...half the chaos is eliminated!  I really appreciated that different time for Isaac's age.  Cause let's be honest...I am only watching ONE kid and it's not three year old.  However, I will say that Isaac's friend Grady put on a great show with lots of energy behind double points, funny faces and emphatic waving.  He's a HOOT!

Isaac's class did a sweet little set of songs they had been practicing.  (We had caught wind of the fact that Isaac was being pouty and non-enthusiastic in practice.  (Pays to have a great friend as his teacher!)  After a little "pep talk" we heard glowing reports of his performance in the next practice. HA.)  Isaac did so well.  There was one little section where he was really frustrated with his sleeves and how they had kinda come unrolled.  After a few non verbal gestures from his loving parents (eh hmm) he was back on track!  haha  

 These were taken while we were waiting...

Parent Paparazzi issue:  Blonde mom in front of me was about to get a 'bow to the big barrette if she lifted her 52 inch phone to video one more time.  See it??  See what I mean?  :)

 See with the PP there is really only ONE child in this pic.   MINE. :)

Sweet little Bo CO!  So proud of him and how he is doing in school.  :)

Now this is funny...and I don't even drink coffee!

And Michaels just went on and laid it out for us..."impulse items" labeled appropriately near the check out lines...Gosh, when you say it like that it kills the "retail therapy buzz" part of shopping.

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