Tuesday, January 15

Jones Family Christmas

 As a side note...Daisy got her braces off (only had them since Aug...perks of Dads job!)!
 And another side note...I love my Granddaddy...and Auntie Jan. :)

SO....THE JONES FAMILY CAME TO US!  And it was great!!!  It started with the David Joneses. :)    They came on the 22nd.  They were so kind to babysit for us during our Christmas party.  The next day we went to church together and then Eryn and I escaped for a pedicure.  :)

 That afternoon Buddy and Meems and the Nicholsons arrived with RUTH MICHAEL!!!  YAAAAAY!

 Dinner with the cousins. :)

 Daniel, Chris, Sarah, RM and I went to eat dinner at Grace Sushi.  Daniel was bouncing her and chatting by our table. :)

 Ruth Michael smiled cause she lovesherauntmelanduncadaniel!!!!!
 Recycled Christmas time!  And Bepops and Mememo gift time. :)

 Jon David can play the guitar.  It's really good!!  It was not just hot cross buns...but like Christmas songs and such!  I was impressed!!!
 The girls put on tattoos and called themselves "team tattoo"
 One of Chris' gifts was fireworks...so we used those up that night! :)

 Mia, RM, and Alisa. :)
 Reading the night before Christmas...Ruth Michael is really into it. :)
 The croissants made a come back this year!!!  YAAAAAAAYYYYY!
 Christmas dinner

 We then all relocated to Silver River Cabins.  Caleb and Colbie were big buds!!

 The kids decorated a gingerbread house. :)

 One quiet moment in the day I snapped this pic...3 on a movie, 2 on a kindle and one on a handheld game.  HA!  And RM, all alone, happy on the floor. :)
 I got this shot of Isaac running Daisy off the pogo stick! HA!
 The older 3 LOVED the pogos.  They got really good at them too!
 Caleb and Colbs

 One night we had a fire and roasted s'mores. Mmmm...

 The kids did a show for us.  SO cute. :)

 Don, Anna, JD
 And this is Daniel learning to do the Lewis women's dance. :)
I have a few more pics to come. :)  We also got some great family pics.  I did get sick in there for a day and a half.  UGH.  SO MAD.  I missed the girls shopping day. :(  But there will be many more of those! :)  I love the Jones family and am so thankful to be a part.

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