Friday, December 14

more December fun...

Papa (my dad) has a great job now that takes him to all kinds of crazy places to work with churches.  And one of his "gigs" is Starke, FL!  YAY for us!!!  So he came and spent the evening with us one Saturday.  And he is coming back 2 more times!

I got this ring at Tres Chic for Christmas...SO CUTE and it jingles.  :)  And man, time changes things...look at my hands!
The Joneses were commenting on my ring at the holidays and I told them I feel like I am playing the tambourine in church when I clap along to the songs.  :)  David made a hilarious motion with his hands (kind of a clap-shake combo) and we all lost it!  HAHA

And I know this will shock the masses...but we went to Coon Hollo Christmas!  HA!  It was pretty neat.  Love that place.  Dad, the Phillips and the Gormans were great company.  It is ironic that we "city folk" (and I use that term losely as an Ocala resident) pay to go play on a farm. :)

Fun snow slide. :)

Coco kept saying he was tired...and I guess it really sunk in to me when I tripped over his body in the dark while waiting for the nativity hayride.

We did partake in a some holiday FUNNEL CAKE while we were there.  UH-mazing.  Nothing like fried dough and powdered sugar!
The same weekend we went to the live nativity at Good Shepherd Church.  It HAS to be one of the best in the country.  I am not kidding!  I love going each year.

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