Friday, November 16

November pictures...

It has been a slow progression...but in the last year since getting my iPhone 4S I have taken MOST of my pics on my phone.  It makes me sad for my camera. :(  Cause if it had feelings, they would be hurt.  When I am at an event or a trip I try to use my camera. It does take better pics. But the phone takes really good pics, has Instagram and makes the pics much more accessible (like immediately) than waiting for me to upload them to my computer.  Anywho...not that I wasn't a random picture taker before...but this has certainly increased that tendency. :) 

More school signs!

 chores. :)
 Livi and Daisy made these :)
 One day the Phillips kids and mine played Power Rangers and made their own masks.  :)  They all love that show. I am not sure if you have seen it lately but if you wanted to...EVERY single episode/movie/version is on Netflix (yes, all 9,000).  The shrill of the bad lady's voice in the old ones is just too much.  And being completely the show "made it" is beyond me.  It's so ridiculous!!!  I had to cut them off for a while from watching it for my sanity!
 I loved this sign below...very funny.

 This was one of Daisy's first notes she wrote in class.  She got this from her friend... :)
 THIS was SO FUNNY.  More true of Walmart than Publix.  I love Publix for NOT doing this. :)
 Isaac wanted to match Daddy in their camo shirts and shorts. :)
 For MOPS one day we had a special meeting where people shared their testimonies.  The mentors decorated our tables.  It was so neat!

 Dorothy Dersch made me my own NON dairy meal.  SO VERY SWEET!
 We passed these out to collect change at our homes.  We were raising money to give a goat to a family or families in Haiti.

They handed out this coloring sheet so we could tell our kids what we were doing and why.  And then they could feel more involved.  Daisy immediately named hers...

DID NOT see that coming...  :)))))

 Bless the third childs heart...just have to grab a nap when you can. :(


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