Thursday, December 20

Our Early Christmas Morning

SANTA came. :)  Early...just like every year.  But this year we had family come to us! Yay!  So we went ahead and did Christmas early so not to make it weird with the other little ones at our house. :)  We don't really talk much about Santa at our house.  Daisy figured it out years ago.  But Isaac is pretty sold based on what he has heard at school and seen in movies.  We haven't told him otherwise and he has not really prodded at all about it.  SO we have left it alone.  When he starts to questions and figure it out, we will let him know. :)  I know---to each his own on this issue. This is just how we do it.

You will see below the blanket I put out on the floor.  I don't like the thought of them sitting on hard wood to open gifts maybe cause I was always on carpet growing up?? hahaha.  Silly, I know. 

Now having said all about Santa...Daniel did help Isaac and Colbie construct this letter to accompany the cookies.  Maybe that is a little of a double standard?...but hey, we are winging this parenting thing...

Ornaments made this year. ;)

Isaac opened a small power ranger toy first...he was so excited that he threw it and put his hands in the air like "touchdown!"  HAHA

Queener in her Minnie Mouse shoes. :)  They light up/flash like a strobe light.  They could easily induce a seizure.  And they are motion sensitive...and when I say "sensitive" I mean like walk near them and the vibrations of the floor cause them to flash.  Insane.  Thankful no one has epilepsy.

Daisy's big gift was her American Girl Doll, Julie (who has been renamed Julie Kate).  :)
Isaac's was a remote control car.

And Jeaners was a Minnie Mouse Flippin' Fun Kitchen.  Somehow I missed a shot of that.  I am trying to do better about being too picture crazy.  Guess I did a little too well on that! :)  haha. 

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Eryn said...

Mia actually said this to me today: "Mom Santa is not real right? He doesn't give us the presents." And I said, "Thats right. Who do you think gives you the presents?" Long pause. "God" :)