Monday, December 3

Starting the Christmas Season

OH man, I do love to sing along to my fav song.  And I have pretty much given up that dream in the last few years since rarely a moment passes with out a "Mama?" or "Mama!" :)  But back in the day when I still used to fight for my rights to party...this was so true.  

 A new mirror in Daniels office. :)
 What says December like frozen yogurt?  :)

 And for those who know me...and know me too well...this is so very me.  Even the part showing my humility. :)
 We did a Jesse tree this year!  A friend of mine made it for us.  I really love it.  Here are the ornaments and scriptures you read.

 Here's my Alabama/Favorite ornaments tree in our room.
 We've been frequenting the kids nights at Mojo's in town.  The kids love to karaoke. :)  Especially Emma Dean. :)
 Terminator playing Chutes and Ladders. :)
 Topping the tree with a star!  We got the one of the last trees a Lowe's in the size we wanted.  It was pretty sad looking but hey, it was the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. What did I expect??  I hope to do better next year. :)

 We went to dinner at the Ivy house with the Millers and then to see Tim Hawkins the comedian.  Then we went CRAZY and went downtown to Starbucks afterwards.  Are we party animals or what? :)
 Queen on the scooter!
 The kids went on a dominos kick for a while. This is how I could tell they were playing with them...cause from the other room I could hear:  (sound of dominos falling) AAAAAHHHHHRFGHGGHGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (from the child who was working on it the longest.)  Repeat x 20, each time with more emotion. :)

 SEC Championship Game...
 yes, I am that silly fan that takes pic of the TV.  YAY ALABAMA!!!

 I think Nick is almost smiling!

My mama's side of the fam starts a group text minutes before each Bama game and the dialog continues thru the game.  It's good times!  I liked this one...(UGA almost got us!!!)

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