Friday, November 9

Tampa Trip

We traveled to Tampa to visit the Wacky World of Bruce Barry.  Daniel has been talking to him about doing some fun things around the office.  This guy is so amazingly creative!  Just look at his office!

 Raise your hand if you are surprised about Jeaners hands on her ears? :)
 They had one of their staff surprise us dressed up as Willy Wonka (the new one)!  Pretty neat. :)
 This giant bug sculpture was used in the movie "Roach Approach" that he created.
 They were awarded an Emmy (?) for their reality show The Wacky World of Bruce Barry.  I checked it out on You Tube. :)
 This is him!!  :)
 Above is his personal office. :)
 Daniel and him going over sketches.

 below...the working fridge in his office
 It's all made of a foam like this hammer was pretty light. :)
 Poor sweet Jean had a HORRIBLE ear infection and it was oozing crazy amounts of fluid.  It was getting all over things and in her hair. :(
 And since we were in Tampa, we decided to make a little get-a-way for our fam.  We stayed at a Homewood Suites that night and then went to the Zoo the next day.

 And before I show you all the Zoo fun we had...I wanted to share some random funnies I found.

Zoo fun!


 GASP!  Colbie?  Your ears are covered! :)

 Kinda funny that she now has one hand on her ear and one on her mouth!  HA!

 Isaac's Lightning and Mater :)

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