Friday, November 16

Thanksgiving crafts and funnies

I am not gonna lie, I HEART my kids school crafts.  ESPECIALLY if it involves a handprint.  Get's me every time. :)

 This is another one of Isaac's...not sure who Colton is but he made the cut! :)

Here are some cute pics of Dan when he was little.   His mama brought some photo albums when she came for the Thanksgiving program.  I have lots more but they are all upside down for some reason.  I gotta go fix that then I will post.  Edge of your seat til then! :)

 Cute BOY!

Below is my favorite candle for Christmas.  I burned through TWO of them.  Such a yummy but christmas tree but nice and not too much but sweet holiday smell.

If you can't tell, I really love these E card things...

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