Sunday, February 3

Fun Girls Trip in February...Bama Bound!

The first weekend in February my mom was invited to speak (she is BIG TIME, y'all!) at a Ladies Retreat for the Mayfair Church of Christ (Huntsville, AL).  The retreat was in Florence, Alabama at a Marriott Spa and Resort.  NICE!  We left our comfy mid 70's weather here in Florida and went to NE Alabama where it was in the 20's at night.  I. thought. we. might. die.  :)  But it was SO worth it. :)

We had to catch a super early flight to make the most of our Friday.  So we left at 4 am!  We saw the sunrise at the airport.  We landed safely in Birmingham at 8:20 am. 

And in my usual lazy fashion...I am going to not spend 20 mins sorting pics.  Sorry!  But I will caption these so you don't miss a minute of the fun we had. :)

Mom and I chillin' at Nanny & Granddaddy's...I loved being at their house! 
Sunday am at Homewood Church of Christ.  I got to see my cousin Cadaline (Caroline) and other fam.
Brooksy, my "little" cousin
When we arrived in Bham on Friday we got to go to lunch w RACHEL! :)  We met at Chuy's (YUM) and had fun catching up.  I felt like I was sitting at an Allstar table.  LOVE LOVE LOVE all these ladies in my life. :))))))

My Nanny is so much fun!!!  She is doing the sorority girl pose in this pic.  We were talking about how silly they all pose, standing sideways with their hand on their hips.  HAHAHA!  This is also the same Nanny who told someone a few years ago that Puffy Daddy had changed his name to P Diddy.  Too funny!  We love Nanny.  She is so with it and stylin'.

On the plane!  She talkin' to Brandon...(step it up DAN!)
While I was gone, Super Dad took the kids on a long bike ride to the land bridge.  They had a blast! :)

On the elevator in our hotel.

The resort
This is my FAV tea right now...Good Earth-Sweet and Spicy.  Thanks Eryn for sharing! :)  I brought some to my Mama.
Talkin' w Granddaddy.
Auntie Jan came over to visit.  She was working (she is an AMAZING Calligrapher).  I heart my Aunt Jan.
They had these at the retreat to take and see where you are gifted and can best serve.  I have only taken, like, 30 of I did this one too. :)  I certainly WASN'T gifted in church planting.  I can tell you that!

The resort on Saturday.  It was overcast and rainy.  That was an over look tower and restaurant.  We didn't make it up there. 

Granddaddy :)

Alli is not flipping me off...she is holding a conversation heart.  We ate TONS of those little dudes.
Fireside at the resort.
more landbridge fun...
My Aunt Donna and Cousin Beth came from Huntsville to the retreat.  It was so fun to see them and catch up.

Mom forgot her talk notes on Friday night back in our room. 
We had to hustle over and grab them.
When you are with the SPEAKER you are BIG TIME and at the RESERVED table...
right up front! :)

She is saying "Can I get an amen?"  LOL!  No, not really.  Maybe more like "Can someone turn down the spot light?"  In all seriousness, she is a really gifted speaker.  She speaks w ease, is very funny, tells it like it is and challenges you...all the while being quite relatable.   Very proud she is my mama!

We pause from the trip update to bring you a funny post by EB...
The comments that ensued after this were equally as funny!  LOVED this song in high school. :)

And this is funny cause I like to work out. :)  but it's not cross's the Y.
My sweet nanny on the class praise team.  I love that she is smiling in this pic. 
Rachel brought me this cup from the BIG GAME!!!  RTR.  And a t-shirt that she got from a basketball game.  SWEET!
 Snacks.  YUM. :)

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So fun! ALL the Cagle/Jones ladies are big time!