Wednesday, January 30

funnies in January...

One of Daisy's writings...

Below is not funny...just super cute and AWESOME. :)

Did you know Colbie likes to be in charge?  Even of the large cart at Publix?

And this is too funny...
Just Cute. :)
This one below cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Cause it's :/  My Mama Brain KILLS ME!

I texted this to Daniel one night that Alli and I had gone to Jacksonville together with Liv and Daisy.
How FUNNY was that????  It went on...

AMEN...I have beach fever about the time Christmas is over.


This is very true...even at 33.
Crazy that with Diapers gone (which started last summer but we are still having accidents...shoot me now!!)...went the need for excessive amounts of butt cream. :)  YAY.  Lata Beaudreaux!!

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Jamie Greene said...

Love daisy's story. She's a creative girl!