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Funny things they said...that I wanna remember

OH my CHILDREN.  I LOVE them so much.  And sometimes, the only way to remember that on hard days is to read thru this list. :)  When they crack me up...I write it down.  This may be one of those things that when I read them later I can't remember what they mean.   You know like that inside joke list you made on a napkin on the way home from a youth trip and reading it when you found it in college made you roll your eyes and toss said napkin you had kept for 5 years into the trash??  HA!  But at the time, when I put these little jewels in the Notes section of my phone I was cackling as I typed! 
Daisy said "don't crack my nack" when I pushed her on the swing. Ha! (As a little family history...the Cagles are NOTORIOUS (B.I.G.) for laughing when you mispronounce things. ie. Daniel saying "chickle noodle soup" accidently.  FUNNY STUFF.  Children are not exempt from this particular type of ridicule.:))
Daisy learned to put her hair up w rubberband. May 20, 2011. Showed her once and she did it!
(Maybe that wasn't funny...but my compulsive documenting could not be kept down!)
Summer 2011- Isaac (age 4) said "she doesn't have a married!" (meaning a Prince and Princess) for the couple card in princess UNO. Ha!!!
8-18-11 Isaac said "Mom daisy won't look at the bandaide on my nankle (ankle)" ha!
8/19/11 Colbie (age 18 mo) just went thru a series of motions for me to repeat. And when got out my camera she put her arm around Isaac and made a long e sound! Ha. she also will go put her cups away from the dish washer. And she sings along w change a baby diaper gibberish. :)
Daisy said "Carter is taking doince". Ha! Then a funny concerned big eyes face that a boy took dance. 9/20/2011
12/28/2011--"daisy was the first outta the sky (born). Then I came outta the sky..." Isaac
12/2011--"look at that sundown mama!" -Isaac 
1/12 "mama why are there no P's allowed back there?" Isaac after noticing a no parking sign for the first time. :)
1/12  Isaac said "turn down the music so I can tell u something". I hesitated to do it but finally did and then he said, "now I forgot. This is why I don't like people talking around me. It makes words go swoosh outta my brain. Then my brain just thinks about bad manners!"
--"I love to travel. It's really fun the day we leave and travel. But getting getting there is great. But then I just start saying- aww man, we leave in ___days.". -daisy Feb 2012
--Colbie came into my room to tell on daisy. "mama! -OOK! (pause) MOVE! (and pretends to slap her own arm". Who did that? I asked. "DEEZEE". Ha! Love her communication! 2/2012
--Isaac's fav phrase: said it for the first time about a year ago (3/2011) "that tricked my nugs"...kinda of another phrase for "Woah" or "awesome."
3/12. On Spring Break at the beach Isaac was fussing in the "sea" (as he calls it) and he said "these waves are not good for my body."
4/27/12---"I yuh loo" Colbie's "I love you"
6/4/12 "Chick-chick-ah-lay!" Colbie's Chick-Fil-A
Daisy told Megan Griggs while playing together: 
- Megan, you have a crush on Carter? Do u know if he loves Jesus? Cause if not you can't marry him. 
- We don't have a dog. My mom says colbie is our pet. 
- Kristie: what does your mama do when you fight w Isaac? (cause she was having problems w her girls fighting.)
 Daisy: oh she spanks us. 
--Colbie said "no hit me car" and pointed at it when walking in front of a car when going into target. 
--Colbie starts bawling when I spank Isaac and starts screaming "SORRY I-YACK"
-- Before said spanking Isaac confesses that sometimes he has to make himself cry when I spank him and it's not hurting him. Not a good move Bud...
--Isaac has coined "Wang" as a verb. Synonomous to hit or bang. :) (NO jokes outta you Uncle Scott!)
--Daisy is cracking me up about the sheriff elections!! Between Dan Kuhn and Chris Blair. :) she loves Dan Kuhn (She loves him cause her friend at school does, and has many more signs and since he's chris pells uncle she said--"we're related!")
--Isaac said,"St Paul's is a great place. I wanna run to school everyday because I love St Paul's" 8/2012
--"Me no like 'manas!". She tells me ALL DAY but insists on my sharing mine when I eat one.  Oh Colbs. (July 2012)
--At Wild Waters Water Park Colbie came to me telling on a someone.  "Dat gurl kick me!"  I said, "well ask her not to do that next time."  So she goes back to little froggie (that you side down his tongue.  We see Colbie go down and then sit there.  And a few seconds later the girl is tired of waiting for Jean and comes down...naturally her feet hit Colbie in the back.  Then Colbie whips her little wet head around and shouts "GUHHHL! No kick me GUHHHL!"
Sept 2012
--"Sank you" Colbie, Summer 2012
--Colbie says "yeah you, yeah you!" (yay) 10-12
--Words to Colbie's song made up by me:
I'm gonna get that bay-bie girl
I'm gonna get that baby-baby gIRL!
I'm gonna get her, I'm gonna get her
I'm gonna get that baby-baby gIRL(high note)! :)
(This is ESPECIALLY CUTE when sang with Colbie's sweet little missing R speech)
--And another fun one we sing to her:  Lover, chicky lover chicky lover chicky lover. looover...
--And also..."I luh you, youluhmetoo?, I luh you, youluhmetoo?"
--"my nose stinks" (something stinks) Colbie, Fall 2012. Usually daddy's breath in the am :)
--Fall 2012---After daisy said a girl in her class was crying. Daisy wondered if it maybe cause someone had died in her family. this was Isaac's comment..."it's probably a grandpa. Grandpas die all the time." I was cracking up!
--Colbie says "yessohday" meaning any time in the near or very distant past. Ex- I ate breakfast yessohday. Or I turned 2 yessohday :)
11-12 Colbie--My nose stinks now applies to I smell something. Any smell, good or bad. 
11/12. Isaac says,"Because do you know why?"
1/13 daisy said if I don't find a boy to marry I'll just be gay and marry Alexis... 
1/13. On the way to a play date I was giving Isaac a review of rules (be kind, share, don't bother the mama, don't tattle, don't beg for food...) and Isaac listened and then said "When friends come to my house --I get in trouble. But when I go to friends house ---the friend get in trouble."  So true Buddy.  Mama's feel better about scolding their own. :)
1/13. Daisy says "oh my word" all. The. Time. Ha! Recently it changed to "OMW". Haha!!!

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