Friday, January 11

Girls trip to Jacksonville

So we had heard on the JOY FM about the Winter Jam Concert in Jacksonville.  It's a Christian concert w TONS of great artists.  It was $10 at the advanced tickets.  We decided to go and take the girls w us!  Here we are in CVS getting a snack. :)

Waiting in the MILE LONG LINE.  I am not exaggerating.

So as it turned out...some people got in early cause they had connections.  And by "some" I mean a lot. And then there wasn't much room left for those of us that got there an hour before the show. There was more room for those who'd spend MOST OF THE DAY there waiting.  Well, good to know!  :(

SO...we made a fun night of it anyway and went to Jacksonville Landing, ate dinner at the American Cafe and took a fun ferry ride!! :) We ate out on the deck...isn't our view awesome?!!!

Saw this button at a local gift THAT is funny. :)

Good times!!! :)

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