Saturday, March 16

March marching on some more...

Colbie loves her glowing Ladybug. :)
Jeje braved a church campout w us.  It was cold and she slept in the tent with the kids...UNREAL.  As you can see...Colbie was super excited about it. :)
This was the temp when we woke up. Brrr!
Daniel played in an Ultimate Frisbee League this spring.  This was a shot of their first game.
My life.
Spider Girl.
Movie time at the Campout that night.  We watched Wreck It Ralph.

And some fun relay games! :)

Jeeg also colored eggs with the kids.  Cute kit!!

and we went to Champion for the first time...SO FANTASTIC.

Yeah....doing the chart thing.  Even though she's been in panties since last summer...*sigh*

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