Friday, March 15

Marching on...

I had this pic on my phone.  I took it cause I was breaking a record of wearing the same shirt 3 or 4 times in one week.  Who gives?'s super cute. :)

I got this from Alli...Isaac built this all by himself at school!

Colbs is a big helper!!!
This is Isaac's school picture. :)

This was Toy Story coming to REAL LIFE. I wrapped this gift and I promise you Hulk got ticked that I wrapped him up and busted thru...creeeepyyyy!
We went to Orlando to see WICKED w the Millers.  We ate a Kres Chop House and it was great.

I took this screen shot of a patient bragging on Dan. So proud!!

Isaac has had this gray tooth for quite some time.  I think he and Colbs were wrestling in the yard and her head hit his tooth.  So we finally were getting it fixed this month.  Dr Ron did a great job!!

Shelley came and took us for Brusters Icecream! :)

Colbie's way of waiting at the dentist. :)

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