Friday, February 8

more fun nothingness in Feb :)

This is my first Pinterest project...and I still love it!  Use it all the time :)
I was a little obsessed w this app during Football season...and after.  So I had to turn off it's alerts.  When I assumed Brandon was talking about who we recruited and not the terrible national news event When he said, "Did you hear about what happened in Alabama?"...I figured it was time. HA.
Colbie at the end of the day in her new outfit.  This girl knows how to get DIR-TAY.
This year I got my own Valentines and sent them out. :)  AREN'T THEY ADORBS?  LOL.

The kids heart dominos these days.  :)

Coco's eye... :)

OH Queen.  

YUM!  This smell may be one of my all time favorites!  Orange tree blossoms!
Super Daisy!
It's fun that our little fam can bike together!  Safety first. :)

Daisy went on a field trip to the Tampa Zoo.  No, I didn't go.  Don't get me started. :(

Colbie's bday at school! :)  I sent in some donut holes for her class to eat. :)
And Alli came to speak at MOPS that day! She shared her testimony.  It was so good!!  She is a natural speaker.  Several people told me how much they loved her sharing.  She has a gift!  And it was wonderful.

Just more proof that we still eat good ol' crepes and gallette. (But pictured in reverse)

SO...let me tell on Friday Becky texted to see if I would get the boys.  We were all headed to the park and so I could just meet her there.  SURE! I said.  Well, I got in carline and ONLY THEN realized I had all the bikes in the back of my car and NO spare seat to put them in!!!  AHHHH! So I grabbed them and pulled around...and sheepishly called Becky to rescue us.  OH Mama Brain.  This is what it looked like while we waited...
Sunroof fun...

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