Saturday, March 23

More marching on. :)

 Isn't Lucy so precious!  She has the cutest pj's. :)
 Facetime w the cousins!  Skates on Emery's fingers... :)

 Packing up Isaac's cars. :(  It's time.  An Ode to Lightning coming soon...

 my very fav candle...
 Bible study girls night at Feta!
 I saw this on Pinterest as a cool way to keep you little boys cars when they are done playing w them. LOVED IT.  (Have I already written this??) a way it makes him wanna play w them again.  Now what?? :)


Now can you see where Isaac get's it?  His sticker page...compared to mine.  I used to collect cute stickers.  I had TONS.  I took my fav from each pack and made sticker pages in my scrapbooks. :)  Then I had kids...and Daisy single handedly took down everylast one of them.  YEARS of collecting slapped on random scribbles and then tossed out.  HA!  It was worth it. :)

 THIS is my very fun friend Becky getting ready for a St Patty's day party at her family's house.
 Sweet Colbs at nap time. :)

 Daisy's St Patty's "green theme" Sock Hop after school.
 Silly Ryan!

 LOVING OUR YARD this time of year. :)
 Heberts came to see us!!!  Such a fun reunion.

 Jack and Isaac

 Daisy, Jack, Isaac, Colbie and Stella
 I get the idea she doesn't wanna be in the pic. :)  And she LOVES Harry Potter...hilarious! (That's a Harry Potter doll!)

 Watching Daniel play disc

 Back in the day...

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