Sunday, January 20

Nashville Kin come to visit :)

YAY!  Our Nashville family came to see us.  I love to have them come in our "winter" cause it's a nice break for them from the cold.  But this time it was CHILLY.  :(  Such a bummer but to them it was still warmer than Tennessee. :)

We've recently discovered the citrus gold mine that is our BACKYARD.  We have grapefruits, oranges, lemons and even some tangerines!  Below is our lemon orange hybrid of sorts.  The tree has HUGE thorns.  Odd.  We've been eating tons of the fruit, making juice and even some popsicles! :)

So Daisy, my little go-getter, decided w some friends to start a "Save the Dolphins" club while sitting in carline waiting to be picked up.  Each day they would talk about making posters and how many each member should make.  They planned to hang them up around the school and their neighborhoods.  I think this idea originated from an American Girl book about helping others/your community.  Daisy had made several (color and black and white) to hang up.  

SO...when I asked her what exactly we were saving them from she paused...and looked at me kinda confused.  I then noticed MY CELL NUMBER on the page.  I said, "Oh, I see you have posted my number. (*smile*)  What should I tell them when they call MY phone?"   "Uh! Mom!  You say save the dolphins!" she said. "Ok, let me get this I say Hello? and they say I am calling about saving the dolphins.  And I say SAVE THE DOLPHINS.  Have a nice day! :)     "Uh maaaah-uuuum.  NO, uh! (laughs) just give the phone to me.  I will tell them like, not to litter and stuff."  What should I do while you are in school?  ....Take a message.  L.O.L. DAISY!! LOL!

BTW...pretty sure these were actually hung up at school and at the friends house/neighborhood.  After a small lesson on privacy of personal info...production of the signs (w my info at least) was reportedly halted.  Sorry Dolphins, couldn't take one for the team this time.

This is funny but I pride myself on my fitted sheet folding.  Thanks to Jeannie I struggle to know which is the fitted sheet when looking for it first to make our beds...yay me.  HA!  That's right folks, fitted sheet folding and scrapbooking.  I am a hot commodity! ;)

Look who I found in the Jacksonville Airport??  CUTENESS PERSONIFIED. :)  It was priiiiii-ty much down hill after this cute pic. :)  The ride home involved baby crying, Emery crying, Jeeg almost crying from slipping over my seats from helping E, pulling over to vomit from carsickness due to bad driving (SORRY!!!), taking a 30 min detour and last but not least...pretty sure I hit a dog.  :(  It was a doozy!  But we survived...and believe it or not...laughed a good amount. :)
(this was CoCo the week of this visit)
Freezing Jeje and Daisy made Daisy's cake :)
This was the pic I got of the girls loading the plane to come down. :)
Coco and Luce. :)


This was Jules taking a bow for a TERRIBLE cornhole toss. :)  HAHAHA>

Full Service Jeeg...even a 2 year old can pogo when she's around! :)

We did a little Bday celebrating for Daisy while they were here. :)

I love this pic below :)

Jeje and Papa got her some American Girl doll accessories. :)
Even some cute little roller skates. :)

A day in the life...summed up...

Jeje attempting to play HiHo Cherry Oh...with 3 preschoolers. :)
The Grands :)
Daniel and Dad joined Joe up in his tree platform...40 feet up! :)

The girls in matching PJs. :)

Coco making Lucy laugh. 

Dan sponsored this race and we went along. :)  Daisy, Isaac and Dan ran it (around the mall).

Screen faced kids...a perk of Jeeg and Papa coming. :)
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it when they come. :)  Thanks Papa, Jeje and Jules for making the trip! :)

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