Thursday, February 7

PJ Party at MOPS and other fun things

Fun-NAY! :)
Here is Sweet Colbie Jean in her new outfit that I got for a steal at Serendipity! :)
I changed the kids room.  It always looks great the first day.  I will say that it's my girl (oldest, responsible child) who is my messiest.  Coco is still learning but is easily directed and I think prefers order (he DID line up cars for years!).

ME too, Daisy.  Me too. :)
the kids have been LOVING setting up dominos.  Well it's a love hate relationship.  With this one above...they loved it. :)

PJ PARTY at MOPS.  We set up the room for a fun PJ party.  We watched a movie, did our nails and made cards.  Good, good times. :)
Greta won the pj award. :)  HAHAHA.

We'd said to wear your pj's.  One of our mamas asked, "Do you mean like Mixed company on vacation pj's? or Im trying to get pregnant pj's? or Don't judge me I am tired pj's?"  LOL.  Greta gave us a mix. :)

Jill and Sarah
Jamie, Sarah, Heidi, Kim
Holden and Mindy
Me and Michelle...and do i have a green flame on my head??

Leighton and me...the lead-ahs.

Nicole won the Golden Plunger for the craziest mommy moment or bad mom of the month...we tell stories on ourself and laugh and say...I've done that too! :)
Watched some of Andy Stanley and his wife on a family series they did.

Breckin, Karrigan, Rebekah, Emma, and ?

ON an unrelated note...I love this kind of tea.  It's my favorite. :)

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