Monday, January 7

ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!! National Champs

Ok, as if it wasn't already obvious what my area of extreme nerdiness is...I am exposing myself on this post.  Ok, fine...there are 2 areas. They are: documenting compulsively and Alabama football.  These 2 have been combined one January evening and I have now found myself shamelessly photographing the television of the National Championship game.  Yes, it happened in previous seasons.  I just didn't call myself out and preferred you think I had terrific seats at the game and a super cool camera w screen features. :)  So there. I said it.  I am Melanie and I am a super nerd.  This is a level of nerd/crazy I am comfortable with.  However I will need my accountability partners to confront me if/when I begin posting infomercials, other teams games,  Netflix B rated movies and the like. :)

Again, in my lazy blog fashion, I have not rearranged the pics in order.  I believe they are all in reverse order.  Really, when I print my blog book, they all get smashed in everywhere who cares!  


Headlines in the Ham. :)


We all dressed the part that Monday!  (I hate that the games are on a MONDAY!)

Yay Alabama, Drown 'em Tide!!  Rammer Jammer!  RTR!

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