Sunday, March 31

Spring Break 2013 SE Tour: Atlanta & Columbus (Easter)

Daisy's thoughts on travel. :)

Scott and his new baby. So cute!!
We left my family and went over to David and Eryn's house in a different part of Atlanta.  We got to see their house, Alisa's school and enjoy some local downtown Marietta fun.  Then we all headed to Columbus for the weekend to be together for Easter!

Easter family pic. :)
Meems did a fun egg hunt for all the kids. :)
The girls grabbed coffee one afternoon at a cool coffee shop that was an old bank.  Even the safe was still intact and open to sit in!
Easter am.
Bray Bray ready for church
David, Eryn, Alisa, Mia, and Braylen
We were so brave to tackle dyeing Easter eggs with this brood.  We all survived! :)

So many games of Red Light Green Light were played.  They were pretty stinkin' funny.  Please watch the grown ups in these pics...esp Uncle David.  HILARIOUS!

Daisy (8), Colbie (3), Isaac (5), Alisa (6?), Braylen (3) Mia (4)
David is DIVING before Meems hair even has a chance to catch up w her head!!!!  LOL!

Meems working her magic of distraction while the eggs are being hidden.


Downtown Marietta!
Eryn and Bubba (pictapgo app)
Cool coffee shop w Almond milk for lattes!!

Davids fun hair do!
David worked his child magic while we waited for food a lunch.  They all were hanging on every word that he made up on the spot.  The Joneses have a gift!!!

We celebrated Mia's 4th Bday!

Daisy is getting good at braiding!

One more Uncle David pic...HAHAHAHA!

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How am I just now reading all these posts? Maybe because google reader died. Fourth quarter's ours!