Wednesday, March 27

Spring Break SE Tour: Charlotte & the Mittens

Here is where we stayed in Charleston. :)  It was great minus the frigid, wet weather! HA!

We left Monday morning to see our friends Nate, Naphtali and fam in Charlotte, NC.  Such a cool town!  We loved hanging out w them and being around their sweet kids Ella Grace and Landon.  Naph had the hook up with a neighbor and got some tickets to a kids museum.  It was a VERY cool place.  
 Sweet little Landy got soaked...oops! :)

 Naph would make Chai tea w almond yummy!
 Sweet little Bean.  This was her one day before she tired?  (and those grandpa socks gotta go!)

 EG and Colbs were having hot chocolate on the porch.  EG looks like, "Do you mind Parent Paparazzi?" :) HA! (look at her mustache!)
 Bundled up Landon when we went to a park.  The Joneses were COLDY!!! :)
 Nate and Naph made us pancakes the next am! :)

 same museum...Naph and Daisy made a duct tape shoe together. :)

 The grown ups had a date night and went to a place in downtown Charlotte.  It was called 5Church.  There is an ENTIRE book written on the ceiling! (Don't ask me, I can't remember.  I barely came up w the restaurant name since I am blogging so late!)

It was so wonderful being w the Mittens!!  Thanks for having us friends! :)

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