Sunday, March 24

Spring Break 2013 Southeast Tour: Charleston

We planned a fun road trip for Spring Break this year.  We went to Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA then on to Columbus, GA.  It was busy and kinda crazy but good times! 

The weather for the weekend in Charleston was rainy and cold.  Boooooo!  But with some super cute borrowed rain boots (high five Alli!) I handled it a little better. ;)  We stayed at a resort north of Charleston which was beautiful but would have been 100 times more fun in the summer. :)  The room was gorgeous and restaurants were yummy.  We spend most of our time in Charleston anyway.

We took a tour of The Custom House.  Pretty cool to hear about what that place used to be. For example...supposedly PIRATES were there for a while using it like a market place!

Colbie found it all riveting!
We signed the Declaration of Independence. :)

We visited the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry.  It was a blast!

Dress up, secret passage ways all in this castle room.

An entire adorable little publix, w cute little carts you can shop with.  :)

SO...we missed the ferry (last one of the day) to Fort Sumpter.  BUMMER.

These are out of order a bit...we did our Easter baskets the night before we left. :)

We got the kids electric toothbrushes in their Easter baskets.  Daisy then proceeded to brush her teeth most of our trip North.  We kept hearing it go on and off in the backseat.  TOO FUNNY.

We visited the beach was SO COLD, esp with the wind blowing!

(I had just gotten the Pictapgo app on my I played a lot, maybe too much w my pics :))


This area above I think was called Battery Park? something like that...

Rainbow Row

below: this looks good now...but Colbs is a tough one to get to bed in a crowd.

This was the house we toured...The Custom House.

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