Friday, March 22

the marching never ends! (MOPS, trike-a-thon, Easter...)

 Library time w MOPS

 Daisy is my little cook..."Mama, what is yield? where do I get it?"
 Isaac's reading!


 Colbs and Wyatt

 Isaac and Nolan

 Fun Shiny Eggs!

 MOPS Easter Egg Hunt. :)

 Amanda and Brady
 Leighton and Kate
 Debbie and me

 Colbie the Bunny!

 Jill introducing me to emoji!!!  I had no idea it was on my phone as a language! HA!  and FREE!
 They love to "help" me put on the sheets...
 Field Day!

 Coco's Easter Egg hunt. :)

 Diana and Grady

 Zoey and Isaac
 Jump COCO!!!  (and all his little bunny cheerleaders!!)

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