Tuesday, April 30


Isaac and Grady are best buds.  "Thick as thieves" as they say...and here it fits. ;)  They were playing in our backyard and lifting this weird log...and Grady's face got sliced open!! :(  BLESS HIM!  Diana was SO chill and cool about it.  Dr Hunt slapped on steri strips and called it a day!  Now he has a tough boy scar. ;)  He was brave.  He didn't flip out or anything! 

 Batman guarding the garden.

This cartoon below cracked me up!

Colton, Grady and Isaac. 
 Daisy was sick for a few days so she stayed home.  We read the entire first book of the Nancy Drew series.  It was fun...well the book part...not the sick part. :)
 Jen and Shells came to visit us!

Saturday, April 27

End of April (family visit and Y event)

 HOW DO THEY DO IT?  So much for the "Neat Squeeze"... :)
 We found little sprouts in their pots!  :)
 We had the MOPS Antiquities Fundraiser...  here were the results. :)
 Emma and Liv
 My lovelies...Isaac thrilled to be the motorcycle gentleman that he was. 
 Daisy's packed up, leavin' town headed for the early 90s!!!  

Queen...w a crown of sorts...she chose it herself.
 This below is more like it!  :)  The hat still KILLS ME!


 We went to Chipotle for dinner one night (Yay we now have Chipotle!!) and had a fun time w shadows on the wall. 
 Co and Colbs
 Daisy and Dan?

We also partook in some DELISH Champion BBQ.  

 We played at the park...
 And turns out my Dad is a yo-yo PRO!  WHO KNEW?!  Not me!  :)

 Daniel had a tent at the Y health awareness day.  Played a little Foosball. :)

 Kids had fun doing bootcamp w Diane. 

 Still eating up our bounty!


Great times!

Tuesday, April 16

Meems and Grandma (Meem's mom) came to see us!

(This book is one we are doing at church...so great!)

Now on to the REAL reason for the post! :)  Grandma took a southeast tour of all of Maurine's kids.  We had a WONDERFUL time w her.  She is just delightful to be around.
Make Way for Ducklings read to Colbs by Grandma.
Meems on big kid duty. :)

They brought us little seeds and gardening things to plant some small pots and make a garden.
They also got to visit Isaac in his classroom. :)

We took a walk down the street. Gorgeous night. :)

It was so much fun when they came.  PLEASE COME BACK AND SEE US GRANDMA!!!

Isaac made himself a little fort. :)
Jack caught a lizard at the park.  The kids do this from time to time (Isaac ALL the time). And those poor lizards...usually are limp by the time the kids are "done" w them.  :(
Isaac and Ryan

Isaac got into MSA!!!! HOORAY!!!!

Sweet Grandma in that tiny chair. :)
The Jeaner is a "waller-er" :)

And here is precious LULU!!  Love her!! :)