Monday, April 1

A letter to Lightning

Dearest Lightning McQueen,

I am writing w my deepest sympathy and apologies.  It has been a slow process but it's true that Isaac has finally moved on.  How can this be?   We both knew it was coming.  When he says, "I don't like Cars anymore!" or "Especially not cars w EYES!" just know he is trying to grow up.  When he says those things I feel like he is betraying you old friend!  I am so sorry! You hear me say things like, "Isaac! You don't hate just like others things too now" and "Watch your mouth buddy, Lightning has been so good to can't just drop him like he's hot!" :) I do my best to keep some semblance of your relationship alive.  And I will not let him talk like that about you, although not personal, it just ain't right.

I am sure this has happened with other kids but this one has to hurt a little more.  Isaac held fast to you with his chubby little white knuckled hand since before he was 2.  He called you "Keen"at first and then started saying "KACHOW!!" He watched Cars and Cars 2 on repeat for years.  I'm pretty sure that our DVD of CARS has been officially warn out now because it skips. :( He loved all the Cars characters. But he loved you most of all. He ALWAYS wanted another Lightning McQueen.  Our old neighbors, the Schucks, still tell the story of Isaac going into their house (while we were all playing in the street) and finding Carson's lost McQueen in his messy toy room and trying to sneak it home.  What can I say?  He was blinded by dedication to you!!  We had 30 of you at one time.  And still, it wasn't enough.  We had all your styles:  Regular, talking/light up, Radiator Springs, Cone on the hood, cactus on the head, bugs in the teeth, Burned (a fav!!), 2 back tires busted, Dinaco, larger spoiler, Wet, hiding in the bushes, changing eyes, Cars 2 w new hood design, and many more.  It was my job as his mama to be in constant search for the particular Lightnings that he did not have in his possession at that time.  Sorry for all the time you spent down in the couch (gross) and for that one time we ran over you (Squished McQueen...he's never let me live it down).

You helped us endure many road trips, make gifts amazing and even potty train (you were an expensive bribe but so worth it)!!  And for all those things I say THANK YOU!!!  Your friendship lasted longer than I ever expected.  Over 3 years!  Isaac did not waiver!  We had 3 years of Cars birthday celebrations.  You were the star and he wanted it that way. :)  I have kept as many of you as I can find.  They are all lovingly marked up professing thousands of hours of play.  Don't be too sad.  His favorite color is still red...I'm pretty sure because of you. :)  You will forever be in our hearts.  I will keep you in a safe place until that day when Isaac's sons or nephews begin to love you too.  We love you and will always think of you fondly.

Your Second Biggest Fan,

Isaac's Mom

P.S. Enjoy this very small sampling of pics (cause I have MILLIONS of you both!) from the good times. :)

P.P.S. I can't for the life of me find any of the MEGA lines of cars Isaac made many times.  If you search the blog you will see them. :)

 Isaac was upset the cars had icing on them... HAHAHA!
 Played more w the cars and new push mower at Chuck E Cheese than with the games there! :)

Isaac's stash

Chose the car station EVERYTIME in Preschool at Loving Care.

McQueen Pit Crew

Third Birthday w Jeje at the cabin on Cagle Vakay in Arkansas.

At Isaac's 4th Bday we used "all we had" to decorate for the party....wowzers. :)

When he first started drawing cars.  See Mater and McQueen?  He always asked me how to draw the "thunder" on the side of LIGHTNING McQueen.  SWEET BOY! (the other 2 cars have to be Guido and Doc Hudson?)

Isaac's 4th Bday

Loved this little shirt on him. :)

Sharing CARS w Baby Colbie. :) (Notice NOT McQueen)


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