Monday, April 15

April 2013

 Our first recipe from Meems cookbook.  Pear bunnies...or mice? :)
 We did another Staff Lunch at our house serving crepes and gallette. :)

 Isaac and his big bud Grady!
 Isaac got really into drawing treasure maps after learning about the letter X at school. :)
 One day we all went to Silver Springs for a postcard.  Yup.  That really was the reason!  I got a Flat Stanley invite and had to do my duty.  It was a fun little trip. Sad that the park was closing so many of it's exhibits and rides. :(


 Got it!  CHECK!

 Our church :)
 MOPS Fundraiser Antiquities :)

 more Silver Springs...

 Coco likes to count his money...
 Daisy at the fundraiser :)

 Daisy rockin' her new pink converse w her maxi. ;)
 I took Colbie Jean to a baby shower w me.  THANK GOODNESS there were toys in a was too early. :)


Mendy Cline Spivey said...

I use to make those same little mice when I was kid. I love your blog Mel. Your a great mommy!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you not blogging anymore???