Saturday, February 9

Father Daughter Dance & Chuck E Cheese!

It was time!  One of Daisy (and Daniel's) favorite times of the year...Father Daughter Dance!!  It is hard for me as the mama to buy the tickets, get the dress, get her ready and then SEND HER OFF W DADDY!  Ha!  But it's such a fun time for them that it's worth it.  We did run over to the mall to get the one ear pierced since it was healed up.  The experience wasn't much better honestly!  Thankfully our pediatrician is going to start doing it.  Now atleast there is a good option!   Look at our funny pic below. :)

My handsome man and beautiful Daisy.

So while the Girls and Daddies were gone...some of the Mama's and Sons hung out.  We went to eat at ChickFilA and then headed to Chuck E Cheese.  Brady had pooped in the potty for his mama (who has a new baby!) so he got a to choose a prize...hence why in the WORLD we went to Chuck E Cheese's on a Saturday night.  It. Was. Insane.  Never will I ever make that mistake again.  But Isaac and Colbie were in heaven!
Brady, Amanda and Harrison (in the carrier) 
Will and Brady
Colbie holding on to me for dear life on the horsey ride. :)
So we got 20 tokens...and it was painful how long it took to get rid of those things!  HA!  The riding toys were pretty much all Colbs wanted to do.

I came home and got the kids in bed.  This is Dan bringing Daisy in. :)  I think she was faking but still...sweet that her Daddy carried her in.  They'd had a fun night of dancing, eating (Melting Pot!) and so forth.


Michael and Hannah said...

Daisy looks SOOOOOOO grown-up!

Jamie Greene said...

What a gorgeous girl!