Sunday, April 7

Grams 90th Birthday in Arkansas

 Grams (Dorothy Jones, Buddy's mom) turned 90 this spring.  Anna and cousins planned a weekend reunion of the Jones Family in Searcy, Arkansas.  We flew up for the weekend.  We had a good time seeing some Lewises and Hoggards (even a Pruitt!) as well!

OF COURSE out of order.... but above was the playground at sunset the evening of her party at College Church of Christ. 
 Here is Isaac doing a little briefing on the safety plan on the plane.  Look at that face.  I think he could save us all w that intensity! :)

Here are some of the group pics:

 All the great grands...
 Patty, Grams, Buddy and Pam
 Grams w all her Grandkids (well most)
 Grams w all of Buddy's fam (US!)
 Grams (Buddy's mom) and Grandma (Maurine's Mom)

 Meems brought this to Daisy and she LOVES IT.  We've made several things from it!

 She, on the other hand, will NOT be saving anyone...unless you need a gift wrapped or need to optimize silly putty
 Isaac was chattin' it up w the Grands. :)  He was asking them about their skin...OH boy...
 The kids played in the huge open space of the gym.  That was awesome!!
 Jon David and Daisy. :)

 Jean Bean and Caleb

 We did get to spend a little time at our Alma mater...HARDING UNIVERSITY (Go Bison!). :)
 Daisy and Katie (my cousin Jeffrey's daughter) played and make up a newsletter together.
 They also made us a museum to walk thru...
(all this was at my Aunt Judy's house.  It was great to stay w them and get to spend time w them too.)
 Meems and her mama
 Grams and Dan

 Daisy, Isaac, JD, Caleb, Luke, and Colbs
 On a fluke we got to see some Lewis cousins that we NEVER see.  Alisa and Jenny were in town with their littles. :)
 Jackson came from campus to visit :)
 Pizza w the Smiths and Grandma

 Orlando airport pics. :)

 Boys w Snow White. :)

 This was packing for this our swimsuit...but packing for cool weather. :)
 Isaac and Colbie's art from school

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