Tuesday, May 7

AAO 2013: PHILLY part 2

So one evening we headed to a Phillies Game.  
We took the subway...SHADY.  Thankful I had Daniel w me! 

It. Was. Cold.

This is where Benjamin Franklin lived (not in a glass house but in that space).
We also took a bus tour of the history around Philly.  It was fascinating!!!

We ate at this Market several times.  It's like a huge food court packed w people and restaurants and food!

These were plane pics taken on the way. :)

Jenn had some major flying anxiety. :)

Phillies mascot...

Taking the Rocky steps!!
LOVE park.

Giant heart in the kids museum.  We could walk inside and follow the path of blood!  It was taller than Daniel!
We ate dinner on a old ship restaurant called Moshulu.  So good.

The next morning before our flight we went to the Eastern State Penitentiary.  It was SO INTERESTING.  I loved hearing about it's history and inmates.

Al Capones jail cell.  He was allowed out on the weekends too!  Unreal.  But he had major connections in the alcohol abolition and so he was probably hooking up the guards. :)


Of course these are all out of order.  And I wished I had blogged this trip asap so I would have remembered more!  It was a great city and I would certainly go there again! 

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