Monday, May 6


This year we decided to go to the AAO and take the staff along!  We had a great time!  It was a little chilly to us.  One day was 70..but the rest of the days I needed a jacket.  People acted like it was 80 degrees wearing shorts, laying out...guess it's better than snow!?

Actually I was kinda sick the whole time. I was nauseated and had some stomach issues.  But I couldn't miss this trip!!! The kids had been sick the whole week before and our sweet sitter Kayla took one for the team and kept them.  Thankfully they were all ok.  

Our hotel was fun.  Right in downtown by the towncenter.

The girls in front of the hotel!!!  Guili, Ashley, Jenn, Jessica, and Tommie

Walking to dinner

I loved all the art in this city.  It was everywhere.  Philadelphia has a law that 1% of the buildings property had to have some form of art.  
Jenn, Jessica and Tommie at dinner.  

Me, Guili, Ashley, Jenn, Jessica, and Tommie

And then there was this part of the trip...hahaha...the reason we went.  ORTHODONTICS!

I found Ben Franklin.

Above: view of downtown from Art Museum on top of Rocky step. :)
Art Museum!

Below:  Magic Garden

First street in America.

Eating a Philly Cheese Steak!!!!

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