Friday, May 31

End of the school year stuff

 Isn't this a cute activity?  Pictures for the letters of his name!

 I adore 5 year old art!!!!!

This was for real...

 I was in charge of planning the Busy Bee end of the year party.  I roped my friend Erin Lindsey in to helping me.  We just went w the class name.  It was also the same day as Isaac's water party.  BUMMER.  Never made it outside to see him but several great friends captured his fun for me. :)

 I had sent home a note requesting that the parents send them in on this day w a yellow shirt on.  With a little duct tape and some pipe cleaners...POOF!  BUSY BEES!!! :)
 They were pretty stinkin' cute!

 They went fishing for a prize...oldie but goodie of a game.  Thanks Mama!
 Colored a bee and added some bee stickers


 "Ms. Shell" or Ms Michelle :)  Colbie adored her.
 And "Ms Kahwa" or Ms Kara.  Colbie loved her too.  She really loved school.
 Meanwhile out in the blazing hot sun...

 Isaac, Colton and Reagan

Later that week...there was a "furdy body" loose in my backyard!!!  (That's what Colbs called naked.)

Where I run sometimes.  That "sometimes" refers to "if" I run not "one of the places I select as I run often." :)

 End of the year party for Isaac!!!!  A CARNIVAL!!!!

 Photobooth fun!
 me and the Co

 Ms Alli


 Class LOVE :)

 The boys...Back: Reagan, Grady, Isaac      Front:  Nolan, AJ and Colton's always nice to get a break from this. :)

We went to a fundraiser for ARC w the Schucks.

Took a fun bike ride to the Land Bridge!

 Look what Colbs did to her water bottle after her snack...eeeewwwww
 Waldo was on the bridge. 
 So we sweated thru this fun adventure to come back and find our car won't start!!!  So this little dust bunny and I hung out for quite sometime til our rescue.
 Yes, go ahead....suck all the nastiness off your thumb Colbs...

 I LOVE WORSHIP with the Phillips!!!

 Way to go BABE!!! He was MVP for his whole Ultimate League this Spring!!!!
 new stuff at the office!!!  A red carpet!!!

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