Monday, May 27

more from Memorial Day

I am so sorry MOM, MEEMS, ALLI and AUNT CHERI...and my other 10's of readers. HAHA...but seriously...I can't get my act together for the pics!!  My computer stores these pics separately if they are taken on my phone/my camera/shared w others or even if taken on different days.  So some pics get past me in other folders.  Then when I open them to blog (that's how I blog by my pics) I see more of what I just blogged!!!  So sorry for that.  But here are a few more! :)

Out to dinner

 Meems the super Grandma brought coloring stuff to dinner.
 And books to read them in the room.  A basket full of books...little known fact about Meems...she pretty much travels in BASKETS.  If she could get to our house quickly in a hot air balloon -- she would. ;)
 Beautiful view at sunset
 Our room

 Our fort. :)

 Meems and Daisy

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