Friday, May 10

Muffins w Mom -- St Paul's Christian School (and a few cute pics)

 Mrs. Alli's Owls had a very sweet morning called Muffins w Mom.  
It was SO sweet all they did for us!!

 Jessica and Nolan
 Zoie and her mama

 He made me a basket of flowers and a check for a million dollars to buy a purse!
 She showed the Kid President Mom video...SO CUTE.  "Don't name your kid Phone!"  and "Lets talk about Meatloaf..." :)
 Singing us songs

 We had to try to choose which picture was of us by our I am!
 Isaac drew those pics for his teachers. :)
 These are ALWAYS entertaining...
 I love Kale?...Love is a strong word...I am good at preaching!  LOL.  And Alli said some of these answers were actually "with Mrs Alli..." on the end.  HAHA!
 Our invitation

Daisy's recipe...

 I sent this to mom cause it's true!! :)

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