Sunday, May 12

Symphony Under the Stars 2013

Every year we go to Symphony Under the Stars on Mother's Day.  I LOVE THIS!!!!  

This year we had a Doxa reunion of sorts.  :)  We all met up and hung out for the night.
Daniel, Colbs, Chris (standing) and Jon McGraw
Lisa Toler and Harrison Pell
Elsie Owen
Lisa Toler, Meghan High, Andrea Owen, Jenn McGraw, Amanda Pell, Alli and Me

Arriving that night!
Chris and Amanda

Falling down while taking the pic!!

Harrison Pell and Blakely High

Scott Lanker and Daniel

Jenn and Karrigan

Ryan Toler and Mike Owen

Brady Pell, Sawyer High and Elsie Owen

Colbs and Anna Wakefield (Alli's niece)

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