Thursday, June 6

Bible Study and Protest and Daisy's last day!

LATINOS!!!  We usually eat dinner out between studies.  Latinos is a FAV! :)
Left from front: Patrice Hogan, Jenny Ochoa, April Largett, Sara Glisson, Becky Gorman
Middle:  Jessica Cicione
Right from back:  Erin Lindsay, Me, Alli, Jessica Boutwell and Linda Plunkett

 We were having a hilarious convo about Siri and emoticons...and this is what we looked like!  All on our phones, faces lit up!
 Colbs art
 Speaking of Siri... :)
 Marion County made a decision to CUT 260 teachers jobs since we didn't have the money to pay them.  This was SO SAD especially to watch how it played our personally.  Our class sizes are huge and teachers have much less help.  So we made posters and met up w a group to share our opinion about it. :)

 Keeping them alive to protest was another thing!!  We were on Silver Springs by the square!!

It POURED ON US.  We decided we'd done enough opinion sharing that day and bolted. ;)

 Mojo's face paint  


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