Thursday, June 20

Coker Reunion at Lake Martin

So after a super fun and too short week in Nashville we all loaded up and headed to Lake Martin in Alabama.  We were celebrating Granddaddy's 80th birthday (about 6 months late). :)  As usual these pics are in NO order.  And brace yourself...there are a million. But there were too good ones to choose from!  It was so much fun to hang out w my family, catch up w cousins and enjoy the lake!

 Uncle Scott and Aunt Judy kept the "nursery" while the grown ups had church upstairs.
 Singing w the family at "church"

 Nanny and Margaret (who's house it was) liking the stir.
 Granddaddy and Jeff Rickard.  The Rickards were SO VERY GRACIOUS to offer their home for us to stay in.  WONDERFUL PEOPLE!
 Scott, Jeffrey and Joel...this pic could have been taken 20 years ago and looked the exact same.
 Nanny, Me, Caroline and Daisy
 Mama, Granddaddy and Jeffrey

 Kristy, Me, Colbs and Emily
 Joel and Luke

 Isabel and Gracie
 Katie and Daisy
 Second cousins
 Emily and Luke
 Me and Mama
 Singing Happy Birthday to Granddaddy!!

 We were presenting the letters we wrote to Granddaddy and scrapbook.  Kristy and Scott announced to the family they were EXPECTING!!!!!  So exciting!

 The Hoggards had a HILARIOUS video and cut out of Granddaddy.

 Jules, Kristy and me

 Cliff Jumping
 Joel and Scott
 Hangin' on the dock
 me and cada :)
 Margaret making us all crack up!

 Luke and Emily
 Molly, Missy and Katie
 Jeff and Isaac on the jet ski.  Jeff was SO AWESOME to take all the kids for rides!

this was us on the way to Alabama...LOL!  Jules pose says it all! :)

 Isn't this cake AMAZING???  All of our names are on the leaves.  Coolest. Cake. EVER.

 Gracie, Clayton, Daisy, Lucy, Colbie, Isabel, Emery, Isaac, Molly, Luke, and Katie

 The Pruitts did a framed pic with 80 things they love about Granddaddy. :)

 The cousins and kids stayed in these villas a little ways down the road.  This was the pool... it was perfect for the families!

 Emery and Blake on a boat ride.

 Scott paddle boarding at sunset.

 Look at those cute buns!
 Magaret getting a splinter out of Isaac's foot.

 At night the cousins all stayed up and laughed.  It was a blast!!!

 The little cousins...looks like they are all on Team Emery for Kickball.  HA!
 Clayton tubing w my kids.  Such a sweet, cool kid.

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