Monday, June 10

Fun w the Mittens & Millers

Ok sorry ---out of order...but this was when the three moms were SMOKING CRACK COCAINE and we took this crew to Target. ;)

 The grown ups went to dinner one night at Feta.  YUM.

 Then to the local choc shop downtown...
 We ate at Champions!
 And the girls got out nails done...

The Mittens came into town to visit!  We spend several fun days w them and the Millers.  The first night we ate dinner together and then made s'mores. 

Landon, Naph and Whitney

Kevin Bird and EB joined us for the fun!

Pushing the baby in the swing...

Then we all went to the beach together! 

Pooped out babies. :)

Nate, Landon, Colbs, Whitney and Matt
Ella Grace eating lunch. :)

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