Friday, June 14

Jeje came and we headed to NASHVEGAS!!

 YAY!  We picked up Jeeg at the airport so she could ride to Nashville with me and the kids.  WHAT A MOM!!!!  She's the best. :)  We were looking for a place to eat lunch on the water after getting her.  Well...after a 30 min search we landed on Whiskey Joes...not our proudest moment.  HA!  The kids were singing "Once there were 3 wandering Jews" in the car and the last verse was (and I am not making this up...)  "Whiskey, whiskey, JOES-JOES-JOES..."  LOL.
 I think we took this pic cause we were going to be gone on Fathers Day.
 Dad fun...

 Hitting the road!

 Water fun in the yard...

 Blaker being brave and standing in the ice water bucket.

 Farmers Market fun!

 Downtown Nashville

 Aunt Julie and Daisy
 Trucker Lu and Co
 Emery was the Bday girl!  Big 3!

 We had a fun family party for E Clay-er. :)  

 Daisy being a good big cousin.

 Papa sharing a wading pool w the girls. :)
 The worked out the tricycle tiff...
 See me and Jules in there too?  :)
 My little sister. :)

 Fathers Day
 Dragon Park (I'm sure that's not the real name...)

 She's standing on her own, y'all!! :)  9 months!

 Nashville Zoo

 Downtown Library Storytime.  Y'all it's big 3 diff story times each day w Mary Mary...who is a real actress.  Just ask Daisy. ;)
 Packing it up...headed to Chick-a Flick-a. :)
 My Birthday!!!
 We ate at Chuy's for my birthday :)
 Jules and I took the kids to a park one morning...

 View of the back of Mom and Dads house. :)

Nashville Zoo
 This playarea for little ones is GENIUS.  Shaded, padded and one way out!
 A birthday note from Daisy.
 Lu doing a little light reading at the library. :)

 Chuy's bday fun...

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