Sunday, June 30

more June...

Pepper Heads. :)
SO our pumpkins lasted til JUNE!!  The heat finally got to it...and we found this.  I promise I had checked it the week before and it was fine.  Daniel, my hero, volunteered to clean it up. :)  THANK YOU!! YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL FOR THAT! :)

Spend MANY days at the YMCA Pool this summer.  Here is a little taste of Martha Washington hair by the girls. :)

Isaac went mohawk. :)

And then post swim movie time...
We went to play at the Woods house and Rachel made Peanut Butter playdoh.  YUM.
Colbs taught herself to swim!  That was a true blessing for me this summer!!  To be able to sit on the side and not have to get in!

Daniel planned an anniversary dinner for us.  Daisy made him some notes on how to do some things...
Thanks Dan!! :)

I took this cause I have some cute pics of Daisy in this dress too.  Sweet summer girls. :)
Daniel and I have been married for 12 years.  MAN we are getting old!!  HA.  I love you Babe...I look forward to MANY more. 

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