Wednesday, July 10

July pics

 Jeeg came home and got some quality time w the girls next door. :)

And we learned...IT'S A BOY!!!!  Hudson Scott will be here in December!!!
 AMC did free games of bowling if you pay for the shoes.  So went to play...Jeaner was...Jeaner.  See video for details. :)

Again at the Y pool!  HA!  This was a wonderful view!

 I'll give you 1 guess on which way Colbs is going to swim back to the wall...right or left? ;)
 Nothing like a tan line to bring attention to your saggin' suit. :)

 Isaac wrote this in the sand in Daytona when we went to see Emilie Worthington and family while they were on vacation. :)

 Poolside yumminess. :)
 Emilie had been badly burned and was in the hospital for several days.  It was good to see her in person and give her a hug!  She was sporting the swim shirt to protect her new skin.

It was very fun to see them.  We hung out in that cabana for several hours and laughed and laughed!!  Such a fun family. 

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