Thursday, July 18

Paris (Texas) Family Vakay!

 It's always so exciting leaving town for a fun vacation.  The kids were super pumped in the airport when we were headed to Texas.  We had our annual Cain Watters meeting this summer...and of course our annual visit w the Spencers!  This time we brought the kids along and enjoyed summer time: Paris style.  It was so much fun!  The Spencers are a wonderful, super fun and very laid back family.  Our kids got along swimmingly and enjoyed all the outside fun.

 Child labor in the airport. :) 

 Our first night we had dinner at Jay and Gays House.  Clay and Maurine, Clint and Rachel, Daniel and I and all our kiddos enjoyed the evening.  Dinner was SO GOOD as usual from Gay.  And the kids all played like they had known each other for years. :)

Fishing from the dock

 The pond is stocked and the fish were eager.  Drop a line, catch a fish...about that fast. :)  It was catch and release to the aquarium.  :)
 Clint helping Isaac.

 Daisy got stuck w the fishes sharp fins...but got tough and tried again.  GOOD JOB CITY KIDS! ;)

 There were 10 small children Daisy's age and under on the small dock!  HA.  No one fell in! Miracle. :)
 Jay, Dan, and Clint (and Avery!)

 Kids table :)

 Roselyn and Isaac
 Marion :)

 Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris. :)
 Colbie (3), Daisy (8), Marion (18 months?), Isaac (5), Nolan (4), Roselyn (7)
 Rachel found the cucumber lime gatoraid!!  It was pretty tasty...but certainly different.

 Got take out from Taco Delite.  The ice alone is worth the visit. :)

 We spent some time out at Jay's lake.  We rode jet ski's, fished, played w the paddle board and jumped off the dock.  We also had some yummy smoked brisket. 

 Gay on baby duty. :)
 Mallory sitting a spell...

 The mud on the bottom of this lake dyes your feet a golden well as your toe nails...thankfully mine were painted.  Sorry Dan...eeeewwwllllck.

 Nolan, Colbs, Daisy, Ellie, Landry, Mallory (not happy!), Ro, Marion, Avery

 Isaac caught a big fish w Jay!

 Clint held on to the rope being pulled from the jet ski...on the paddle board w Daisy and Rosely! HA!  Super surfing!
 Dinner time. :)

 Colbs got brave and jumped in to Clint!
 Camp Deer Run Worship on Sunday Morning.  So fun to see the FAMOUS CDR IN PERSON!!!

 Couselors and campers signed their names. 
 Jayme was releasing a tadpole-grown-to-a-frog into the "wild" with many onlookers.  (The poor frog didn't have a prayer!)  He was chased and caught and released 50 times. Poor guy.  Then the creek fun ensued...

 These Texas peaches are like a natural dessert.  They are amazingly sweet.  I could eat 6 a day!

 Rachel w a little appreciation from her kids. :)

 In Dallas for our meeting. :)
 Went to lunch w Amanda and Joe.  :)
 Ate dinner at the Purple Cow.

 Colbs and Nolan huggin' it out at bedtime. :)

 Spencers and Joneses do DALLAS.


 Here's a little tip if you visit the goats in the Dallas Zoo...DON'T take your map w you. ;)

 We had planned to go to a minor league baseball game...but it POURED RAIN.  So we went to Celebration for dinner.  It's the second time we've eaten there.  It never disappoints!  It's southern home cookin'.  And you can get seconds on your food and the sides are endless.  The break they bring out is so good.  It's a MUST if you are in Dallas. :)

 Headed home...

 We also took these home...carried them on and everything. :)

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