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We planned a fun trip to San Francisco with the Phillips for Brandon's 40th Birthday.  They were already out in CA for the first half of the week when we met them there Thursday, July 4th.  This is a pic I sent to Alli the night before the night before we left.  HA!  I love to be packed  up early and ready to go!   I even had my nails done! (Julie...HOLLA if you hear me?)  It was hard to pack because it was smokin' hot here in the Sunshine State but the temps there were chilly!  The highs were upper 60's, low 70s.  I had to dig out a coat, closed toed shoes and long sleeves.  
AND....we're off!  We spent the night in the hotel in the Orlando airport because our flight left at 6:45 am.  It was a very nice hotel.  Wouldn't mind staying there again.
We made it!  
We spend a lot of time at Pier 39.  Lots of stores and fun restaurants.

...even an aquarium!

Dan's dream...a sock store. :)

We stayed at the Palomar Hotel and was a really cool place.  It was kinda modern and in a good location.  It was right on top of an Old Navy...we had the perfect view of the khaki section from our room (thru a sunlight roof in a courtyard area).  HA!

Union Park was not far from our hotel.  Each corner of the park had these huge, beautiful hearts.  I love art. :)

We hopped a double decker bus (check that off the bucket list!) and toured the city.  It was a gorgeous day!  It was all fun and games til we hit traffic (since it was the 4th) and got stuck on the bus for 3 1/2 hours.  I thought Alli was going to pee on herself (literally...) since she had to go about 30 mins after we boarded! YIKES.  So when our tour guide was hinting at letting people off...we jumped down the stairs and found our way to dinner! HA. I got my first raccoon eyes from sunglasses on the bus.  Ahhh...memories.

Brandon PHOTOBOMB...
There she is!  The GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

  What I didn't mention was that we got to ride across the bridge on the top of this bus.  THRILLING I TELL YOU!  It was so fast it was taking my breath away.  Alli had to bend down cause her hair was causing harm to the couple behind her!  HA!  I was laughing so hard my lips were getting dried out and stuck on my teeth.  It was so funny!
Crossing the bridge at break neck speeds!!  Ok, I thought we were going 90 mph...Daniel says 45...either way...SO FUN!
Alli ducked down under her coat!
The next am we were headed to Alcatraz.  We came down stairs...and saw each other in the same shirt.  But neither of us cared enough to change...  HA!  (These pics make me miss the tan-I-thought-I-had-but-didn't-seem-to-have-next-to-Sacagawea (had to Google that spelling!). :)
Here is Al (Capone) and Alli

This tour was so interesting.  I really enjoyed hearing about how it changed over time (discipline and occupants) and how inmates tried to escape and so on.  I really wish the tour would have been longer.


View of the Bay from Alcatraz.
This was our underground parking garage at the Hotel.  We're SO FAAAAAY-NCY. :)
FULL HOUSE!!!  Seven Sisters technically speaking. :) "What ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, EVEN-in' TV? You miss your old familiar friends but waiting just around the beeennnnnnnd...Everywhere you look, everywhere you look..."  :)

(and Deeg, and Steph and Uncle Jessie...)

We went over to Sausalito across the bridge...a little town on the water.  It was really cute.
Houses here are built on cliffs...I kid you not.  It's crazy...
Daniel and I touched the water of the Bay and technically the Pacific Ocean. :)  Bucket list: CHECK.  HA. I hope to go back and do a better job someday in Hawaii. ;)

We visited Muir Woods State Park to see the HUGE redwood trees.  They. were. AWESOME.

Can you see Alli and Brandon at the bottom of the tree???  These things were MASSIVE.  Just gorgeous.

That night we ate at House of Nanking (it was recommended to us by Shana).  We got there and there was line waiting outside the door.  We ask the people in line...and here's the deal:  You get in line w your party.  Then a little Asian lady comes out and says, "How many?" And if you say the number she needs-- you're in.  HA!  It took a little longer for us to get in there but it was worth it.  You are PACKED IN (it couldn't have met fire safety code) and you tell them a type of meat you want...and they kinda choose your dinner!  It was DELISH.    Daniel had called earlier to see if we could get reservations...she said, "No, we no do reservations, OK BYE-BYE" and hung up.  HAHAHAHHAHA!

 I'm not sure what was so funny...but I will tell you I had already formulated an escape plan in case of a fire...busting out that window behind us! 

 More pics of SF stuff.

 The last day we got crepes here.  They were ok...nothing beats MEEMS' crapes!!  

 However, THESE dandies were fantastic!! Like little tiny funnel cakes that melt in your mouth. :)
 The city was really cool and VERY HILLY.  The taxi rides were a thrill in and of themselves!  I have been in taxis that I thought we may crash and die.  BUT these were that case too...but also going up and down these mammoth hills!!  AHHHH!  Add to that 2 carsick girls who don't wanna sit shotgun next to a shady cab driver...and it's quite the experience! :) Imagine dogs with their heads out the windows w a terrified look on their faces flying down a steep got the idea. ;)

The next am we went to Lombard Street.  The 8 hairpin turns on the hill.  The hydrangeas were blooming! Brandon drove us safety and slowly down the hill. :)

Then we hit to the road to Napa Valley. :)  First stop was Cakebread Cellars. BEAUTIFUL views.

Honestly none of us are huge wine drinkers.  It was more for the experience. :)  We learned a little bit and then got to keep our glasses. :)
It was FREEZING in the cellars.  

I really wanted to ride a Trolley in SF.  Seems like you gotta do that when you go. :)  But while we were there...the public bus system was on strike.  So the trolleys were SUPER BUSY.  So I just waited for a pic in front of them. :)

Brandon...posing for a pic.  :)

Pier 39

San Fran city life. :)

San Fran Art

The night of the 4th we watch fireworks from a pier.  It was extremely splintery...can you see the pieces hanging from Alli's hand???

A few more of Alcatraz...

View of SF from Alcatraz

Ferry ride back to SF

Below is the actual house they showed in Full House setting up a scene if they were home.  :)

It was such a fun trip!!!  We did hear the news of the airplane crash that happened Saturday afternoon at the SF airport.  It did effect our flight home...took us MUCH longer than we hoped...but at least we got home!  THANK YOU MAMA FOR KEEPING MY KIDS. We had so much fun.  :)

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