Saturday, August 3

Even more summer...(it feels both long and short to a mom)

Here is more of our story told by pics. :)

We went to see Daniel at work one day.  When we left...Daniel found that one of our kids had helped his signature out on a letter to a dentist!! LOL  (All things considered...we suspect Isaac).  "I look forward to caring for this patient WITH MUCH LOVE. ;)"

 VBS!!!! or as Colbie calls it BBS or ABC or any three letters she can think of.  Sweet Colbs can't go to this VBS.  She is BUMMED.  This particular one is amazing!  It's at Living Waters and they go all out.  Our kids have a blast and learn a lot!
 I made this card for a friends baby shower for her second kid.  I was proud. :)

 She does love my shoes.  Bless her I wish I had more fun ones for her to play with.  It's mostly flip flops!
 Baby shower carpool. :) Leighton, me and Becky

 Cuteness at my front door. :)  This is what most delivery men and visitors see.  She is the guard girl. :)
 Took Optimus Prime and the girls to Publix.  I am not gonna lie...I don't mind this at all.  It's one of my fav parts of being a mama.  I dreamed of stuff like this. :)
 We spent MANY days at Golden Ocala w the Griggs this summer.  They were so kind to invite us out!
 Excited about his party stuff. :)

 Dress up day for VBS. 
 This level almost killed me.  NO JOKE I am embarrassed to report that I played it probably 80 times.  I  would not pay to pass the level w extra help candy.  Hi, my name is Melanie and I am a Candy Crush Addict.
 One night we went to eat at Feta and the Blue Jay Band was playing...and they were so fun!!!!  The kids danced and we had a blast!
 Funky hair day?

 last day of VBS

 Ryan, Jack, Dais and Megan

 Honestly I don't have to do the below mentioned task...but it's a hard truth and painful when it happens to you!!
 Summer swim fun!


 What?  Isn't this what you do when it rains at the pool? :)

How we roll at Publix...


 Daniel's cousin came to town w her 4!  Alisa lives in Minnesota and was in Jacksonville for a few weeks.  She drove down to spend the day w us. :)  Here are the kids playing in Daniels arcade when we went to see his office.  Isn't it cool?
 Liam and Isaac had a blast. :)

 Here we all are!!!  Fun day!

 Do those sprouting ferns mean we need to clean off our roof or just that we get lots of rain in the summer?  both? ;)

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