Monday, August 19

First Day of School for Daisy

With her new hair cut and cute outfit…she is off for her first day!   She is in third grade and has Ms. Davis.  We have heard she is lot of fun.  She was very kind at Meet the Teacher.  Daisy was pretty bummed that NONE, I repeat NONE of her friends were in a class w her. :(  But we've decided it's going to be a good year regardless.  Daisy makes friends easily. :)

This is SO Daisy when I want to take one pic of her. :) HA!

 That book bag could take Colbie to school.  Sheesh!

 Isaac did stagger start for Kindergarten and his day was the 2nd day of school.  So no, he wasn't going to school in baseball pants.  Well, he DID go in them but just to drop her off at her classroom. ;)

 The Cagles rooting for Daisy!
 While she was at school…they played. :)

 This below is called "trampoline."  If Colbie is dry all day then Daddy will do trampoline w her.  She LOVES it.  And is super sad when she doesn't get it.  I still can't believe we are not fully potty trained (annoyed face…sorry, where are emoticons when you need them?!?!)

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