Saturday, August 17

Isaac turns SIX!!

WHA??!!!  He's is six??  I know.  I can't even believe it myself.  He is such a sweet boy.  He is now moved out of Cars and on to Transformers.  I am not half as educated in this area.  And it's hard cause he can't see the movies or watch some of the shows.  So it's really a like from afar besides these super cool Transformers that Daniel found for him. :)  Of course these pics are out of order. :/ But just know it was HOT and fun. The special treat about this party was that we had THREE grandparents in attendance!!!  The kids were in heaven.  (We missed you Papa!)

We had a little party for him w a piñata and water balloons.  What more can a six year old want? :)

 Becky and I...

 Happy Birthday CoCo!

 Carson, Isaac and Grady. (Is this a future college pic or what?  LOL)
 Grant and Isaac.  Grant is so sweet to Isaac even though Isaac is younger.  He has been so loving and giving, such a wonderful example for my boy.
 Gormans and Co
 You know these people. :)
 Get it Grant!!

 We went to Tony's for dinner that night.  Colbie was not having the fire (SURPRISE!!) so Daniel had to take her out…in the rain. :(

 Jeeg wanted to take Isaac to see Planes. :)

 We wrote on the floor as the auditorium was being renovated.  So sweet.

 Grant, Carson, Isaac, Ryan, Luke, Jack, and Grady

 Alli and Becky

 Isaac made little pages to educate everyone on Transformers (good guys vs bad guys)

 Diana, Amanda, Alli

 Freeze Dance game

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