Sunday, September 1

Isaac's first day, Colbie's first day and funnies

 Ms. Keri and Ms. "Machine-ah" (Tasheena) Bookworms   Tu/Th 3 year old class
 Queen got an infected toe hang nail.  It took forever to heal!
 She's cute. :)

 Daisy and Isaac surprised the Gorman's in carpool w these fun mustaches. ;)
 And then Becky surprised me with THIS!!!!!!!

 Our morning plan and afternoon plan. :)
 Emery in her leotard. :)

 Lulu loved our gift to her!!!
 Daisy and Whitney. :)

 Colbs lost her mind when the guy w the fake fun came out for a show. The fake gun shots were too loud.  Then as we were leaving she said, "Ms Debbie was all like (in a sassy voice) "I'm staying at the rodeo!  I'm staying at the rodeo!"  LOL…crazy Colbs.

Watching the first game!!!!
 Daniel and I went to dinner at a sports bar to see the game…then off to Meghan High's 30th bday party.

 Watching the end of the game. :)

 Golden Ocala fun. :)

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